Dear 2017: I’m coming to slay


My New Year resolution is not to do better, but to do what I can.

For this year, I have 6 books planned, plus some novellas. I’d like to query a few and hopefully land a new publishing contract.

I want to continue building my newsletter. My goal is to hit 25,000 on my list. I’m halfway there, with some awesome promos and giveaways coming up in the first quarter of 2017.

Also, I’d like to work on improving my writing. I released a few books last year. I want to work on improving my craft to make the books even more enjoyable for my readers.

My ultimate goal is to get a BookBub!

Overall is to hit a USA today’s bestseller list.

At work, I’d like to be more organized on my stuff to effectively do my job.

Life in general goal is just to keep my family healthy and happy!

What’s yours?

Remember to keep it S.M.A.R.T




Ysa Arcangel
Author of Romance and Fantasy fiction
that’ll explore your fantasies & darkness
that is kept hidden in your day to day life.



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