Styling Serendipity by Raquel Sarah A. Castro

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Styling Serendipity by Raquel Sarah A. Castro


Birthdays are normally celebrated, but that is not the case for 26-year-old fashion designer, Olivia Rose Salvador. She doesn’t like birthdays, much less her own. She considers October 1st as a jinx, because all through her life, all the important people in her life have left her right smack on that day.

As the heir of the international Style Rose fashion brand, she is in charge of preparing for Style Rose’s first appearance in Philippine Fashion Week. During her stay in the Philippines, she meets 31-year old pediatrician, Jake Ocampo, who is literally the “boy next door” as he lives right next door to her temporary condo unit in Bonifacio Global City.

They start to get to know each other and everything seems to be going smoothly, as both, who have been burned before in terms of love, start to open up again and start living life to the fullest.

But what happens when it seems the jinx is strong and the ghosts of their painful pasts start coming back and making themselves felt? Will these ghosts threaten their very new and very fragile relationship?

Or will Jake’s love for Olivia break the October 1st curse?


About the Author:

Racquel Sathumbnail_14615749_10154565883968150_3857245736697591647_orah A. Castro is a free lance programmer and author. She is living with cerebral palsy. She writes romance stories. She started a Novel Awareness drive on cerebral palsy with her first novel, When Fate Speaks Big Time. She published eBooks that are currently available on buqo, Amazon, Smashwords and iTunes.

Follow her on Twitter: @rsacastro017
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Instagram: @rsacie
Wattpad: @RacquelSarahCastro
Her book will be available in print this coming #AprilFeelsDay2017, April 30, Sunday at U.P. Town Center!
All My Best,
Ysa Arcangel
Author of Romance and Fantasy fiction
that’ll explore your fantasies & darkness
that is kept hidden in your day to day life.

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