Confessions of a Nervous Author Releasing a New Book…again.

I’m nervous and at the same time excited about the launch of my book!

I started writing believing it’s not that hard. If they can do it; I can do it. Now, my book is about to launch, my fear of exposing myself again, like walking naked in a public market is worse than ever. This is going to be my fifth book to be released but it doesn’t get any better.

I am nervous about whether I made the right decision to republish my book. After getting my rights back from my publisher, I’ve broken down my full length novel into a series. I’m nervous about people’s reactions. I am nervous whether I spent my resources in the right place (formatting, new covers, marketing, book promotions, release blitz , review tour, boost ads, etc.)

What would readers think? Would they appreciate learning about this inspiring couple? Would they enjoy reading their love story while I try to raise awareness about the disease? Would they be as curious as I was to know if there was any cure for Alzheimer’s?

I love this book and I truly believe on it’s greater purpose. The main characters Brandy and Ivo were one of my fave couples.

When I received the proof-copy of the paperback and I made a last run through. Again, I found something! I’m tempted to cancel printing and read my book for the 97,664th time (okay, that’s exag!) hoping that I won’t see something anymore! It’s not my strengths that’s being revealed on my books, it’s my flaws! I asked the formatter to do the last minute changes and….sent!


I’m relieved that early readers who posted their reviews on Goodreads are appreciating the novel. I’m grateful so far for all of the lovely compliments.

They say nerves are a sign that you care about your work. I value the work that I do. I wanted to give my readers something worth reading and worth their money. I should occasionally feel a little nervous, that’s fine. Because if I never get nervous, it means that I believe myself too much and there’s no room for improvement.

I’ve probably put more time, effort, thought, research and money into this book than any of my books. I should be nervous. I’m glad I’m nervous.

F*ck it! I’ll just have to close my eyes, take a deep breath and drink my coffee. Coffee will deliver me from all fears.

Have you downloaded your copy of Moments to Remember yet?

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How about you? How do you get over that author “stage fright”?

Happy reading! *nail bites*

All My Best,
Ysa Arcangel
Author of Romance and Fantasy fiction
that’ll explore your fantasies & darkness
that is kept hidden in your day to day life.

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