MOMENTS OF PAIN (Moments to Remember Book 2)

The second novel in the breathtakingly beautiful love story and heartwarming Moments to Remember series . . . where love is stronger than a disease. 

Moments of Pain
Moments of Pain – (Moments to Remember Series Book 2)


How far would you go for someone you love?

Suffering from Alzheimer’s, Brandy Curtis makes the biggest decision of her life, putting their love to the ultimate test.

What if there was a cure? 

Brandy gives up what’s left of her memory to partake in a medical procedure that promised to cure her Alzheimer’s. Waking up with no memory of the years leading up to the trial procedure or the man holding her hand with a ring on his finger, Brandy embarks upon a journey to discover who she really is–while learning about a life she can’t recall.

Now, it’s up to Brandy to risk it all for a spark she feels for the mystery man.

Through her moments of pain will she discover that their love can’t be erased? 


Brandy’s vow:

“Ivo, I may not remember what we were. I may not remember the color of your eyes when you look at the sunset or when you stare at the night sky. I may not remember how it feels like to touch your hand. I may not remember how you would like your coffee whether black or white or sweet. I may not remember the little things that could make you smile and I may not remember how your laugh sounds each time you hear a very funny joke. I may not remember how your perfume smells like and may not remember how your favorite sweater looks like. I may not remember a lot of things about you. But one thing I remember is that I gave you my heart and it will always be yours. I promise to love until I die and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.”


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All My Best,
Ysa Arcangel
Author of Romance and Fantasy fiction
that’ll explore your fantasies & darkness
that is kept hidden in your day to day life.

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