Summer Feels Blog Tour: Interview with Elea Andrea Almazora


Hello and welcome everyone!

Today, I have romance and speculative fiction author, Elea Andrea Almazora, for an interview! Her latest story, At the Bermuda Triangle, just released a few days ago.

Congrats on getting your story published along with 22 wonderful stories on Summer Feels Anthology! Without further ado, here’s Elea!

Welcome, Elea! I’m so thrilled to have you stop by today! 

Hi! My name’s Elea, and I’m thrilled to be interviewed on this blog (because seriously, it belongs to super admirable author). Thank you for having me here!

My pleasure Elea! Right back at ya! You are super admirable yourself. 😀 Could you tell us a little bit about your publishing journey?

It’s a little long-winded and has a lot of hiccups. My first try at “serious publishing” (not fanfiction!) was via the StrangeLit class run by Ms. Mina Esguerra about a couple of years ago, which got published on Buqo. It was a great experience, but at the time I was working in an office and was getting more responsibilities—so I took a break. I’d contributed to a couple of indie collections since then (fiction and poetry), care of the now-defunct Project Times group (shout out to Marigold Uy!), but nothing serious.

When I left my job and started freelancing, I had a little more time to work on getting published. Romance Class projects gave me the courage to try again.

Oh, Strangelit! I feel nostalgic right now. I’m glad to have met you through that workshop. Romanceclass is such a wonderful community! Could you walk us through your writing process? 

I usually start with an idea for a setting or a character, which I write down in a notebook. I tend to do the outlines on paper, and type them up later. But then fun stuff happens on the laptop: a side character chews the scenery or the characters take detours that totally screws up my planned plot. This is where I panic (definitely part of my process) and take a break, before trying again. It all somehow comes together before the deadline, giving me just enough time to polish the scenes.

Deadlines are stressful but it’s such a powerful motivator! 😀 Have you ever gotten reader’s block? 

That, and writer’s block. I hoard books and notebooks and pens, and sometimes I don’t know which ones to go with. When that happens, I just go to YouTube and look for videos that bring calm and endorphins before trying again.

Ha, hoarding for distraction sounds like fun! Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

Yes! I used to do that when I wrote fanfiction, and I briefly considered doing that for my original fiction and poetry. But I ultimately decided I wanted to be known for my work this time. Someday, I might consider it again. But not right now.

Awesome! Great decision! Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

I haven’t had many people reviewing the books I was part of, to be honest, but I do like looking for them from time to time. The handful I’d gotten were very helpful in terms of letting me know where my writing is strong and where it’s weak. I like feedback as long as it isn’t vague or nasty. So far, no one’s given me really nasty feedback yet—and I’m grateful for that. I appreciate insights without cruelty.

Here’s to more reviews in the future! *raises wine glass* Does your family support your writing career? 

Yes J I feel so blessed that my family is genuinely proud of my efforts towards being a writer in any capacity. They believe I have the talent for it, and are cheering for my success. My sister and brother, in particular, are happy to be my primary betas. My mom brags about my writing at her office. My dad, stepdad, and cousins like my writing posts on Facebook. I love them all so much.

Ahh…the fulfillment and joy it brings when your family supports your passion. Tell us! How do you select the names of your characters?

I use Google! I read through as many baby name suggestions as possible and find ones that sound right for the character. I also take inspiration from some of the last names in my family tree (because those last names are awesome).

Ditto on reading through baby names! 😀What’s the best way to market your book?

Oh, this is a little tricky. I haven’t quite settled on a style and genre yet. But if I had to pick the themes I keep going back to, I’d go with close families and friendships. So I think I’d market my books as stories lovingly loyal families and friendships.

Your family and friends will definitely help promote your book. The core of marketing is word of mouth.  If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Don’t stop. You’re doing well. Don’t stop writing, even when others think you’re wasting your time.

My biggest regret was quitting writing for pleasure when I got caught up in work, because at some point in college I was told that I would be better off being part of a big company. I did enjoy my corporate job, but realized that I writing to entertain people felt more fulfilling.

Fantastic answer! Do you follow trends and deliver to readers what they want or you follow your passion and write what you love? 

I totally suck at trends! I don’t recognize them until they’re over and done with. XD I have no choice but to write what I love.

I’m  a strong believer that our target audience isn’t always the people we wrote the book for, but rather, who it ends up appealing to. So writing what you love isn’t a bad thing. 😀 In just one sentence, please tell us about your latest book!

My latest book is Summer Feels, which has 23 different stories of summer love from 23 different authors ranging from sweet to scorching hot. 😀

at the bermuda triangle

Thank you for stopping by Elea! It’s been a pleasure! 

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