Bye Bye August!

August is over, for my US friends and readers, summer is close to be gone!

Here in the Philippines, once “BER” months arrived, it only means one thing for Pinoys – it marks the beginning of the Christmas Season. In the United States, the Christmas season typically begins at the end of November, after Thanksgiving. Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season is four months long! As soon as September begins, Christmas carols are already being played on the radio and everyone is already looking forward to this most treasured of holidays.

I hope everything is okay with you and your family are safe wherever you are! Simply pressing on nowadays is becoming increasingly difficult—not just in the Philippines, but the world over. Civil war, disease outbreaks and natural disasters are coming faster than ever and dramatically increasing in magnitude and frequency.

I hope that I can provide some sort of light entertainment with this heavy issues.

How about a free book? Yes? Yes!


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All My Best,
Ysa Arcangel
Fantasy to explore. Romance to devour.
Exploring fantasies and pulling heartstrings
since 2015.

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