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I recently joined Inkitt and a fairly new member of Inkitt’s Reader Royalty Program, a project of their Readers Happiness group, where authors are rewarded for making more and more readers happy. I’m still playing around the site and app. I’ve been writing online since 2011 on Wattpad and recently on Radish. Now, I’m also writing for Inkitt!

What is Inkitt? 

It is an online community for reading and sharing stories. You can vote for and comment on individual chapters or review the story as a whole. Sites like this is where authors can test their ideas, their audience reaction, get encouragement and make the story better along the way before people actually pay for it.

Huge thanks for supporting me and my words! Looking back when I started in 2011, I had no clue what I was doing. I had this story on my head and I wanted to get it out to the people. I just wanted to be read. So I took the leap and put myself out there. People read it and liked it – that’s feels like being on a cloud 9!

Fast forward to 2015, I got my first book deal with a small publishing house. They published the book that I started writing online. Out there, is a totally different world. I had an editor, a cover maker, a publicist and a marketing team. It was crazy. It was scary. It was fun.

In 2017, I ventured to self-publishing my books. I didn’t realize how different things were until I went back and thought about my journey.  If I go back to that first year where I only had 2 books released, I know I was making like $50 a month on average. The next few months I published 2 more books and doubled my monthly average. This year I republished a novel into a three books series and tripled my monthly average. I’ve had at least 9 books out, three of which are part of anthologies. Slow and steady wins the race.

I’ve learned that if you’re in this for the long haul and want a career in publishing, the moment your book hits the market, you have to switch gears from writer to book promoter. From artist to business man. As a business man, you’ll have to spend money to market and promote your book, which is no longer a book, but a “product” for public consumption.

If I hadn’t written online, then I wouldn’t be here. If I hadn’t put myself out there, I wouldn’t be so determined. If I hadn’t hit publish, I wouldn’t hone my craft and grow as a writer.

Now I’m back to where I started.

Sadly, most authors I know are currently not fond of them due to unsolicited emails and tweets. I’m glad Inkitt is moving away from spamming as a promotional tactic. As far as I can tell Inkitt is doing something good for authors. They did not ask for money at all. No entry nor registration fee.

The Readers Royalty Program is non-exclusive, I only need to post my story and continue to engage my readers. I can bail out anytime if I can no longer keep up. So far so good. I think this a good alternative for authors, specially indies, who don’t want to be exclusive with KU.

I’m religiously updating the story on Inkitt so you won’t have to wait for so long to read what happens next!

I ask for your patience as I learn my way around this new site ^_^.

I hope you follow me on this journey again!

The story I currently have on Inkitt is titled Burn with the Flames.



Hot mess with a purpose…

Stan Buenaobra, Station Commander of the San Isidro Fire Station had shed the dorky schoolboy persona with an impressive physique and became the city’s modern day hero. He not only runs into burning buildings but he looks hell good doing it!

He is the most requested firefighter to join the first ever “Mr. World Firefighter” competition. What’s better than handsome firefighters posing in their usual hot mess with cute animals for a cause?

Burnt and burnt bad…

Life goes on for the ultra-competitive woman that is Trix Moreno who hates to lose at anything. Furious that she let her cheater ex-boyfriend fool her for six long years, Trix let her friends convince her for a night of booze and laughter.

A hot encounter with the hottest firefighter in town and a wild-sexy night together will change her life forever.

Fate has a sick sense of humor…

Ridiculed for his look.
Bullied by the cool guys.
Ignored by all the pretty girls.

Especially her. Trix – stunning, sexy and smart whom Stan fell in love with.

Stan is determined to make her want him this time.

Will she able to fight the attraction or burn with the flames?


I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it!

Read it on Inkitt for FREE! CLICK HERE!


To celebrate joining this new community, I’m running $25 Gift Card on my FB author page (Author Ysa Arcangel)! Don’t miss it!


All My Best,
Ysa Arcangel
Fantasy to explore. Romance to devour.
Exploring fantasies and pulling heartstrings
since 2015.

6 thoughts on “Inkitt’s Readers Royalty Program

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if Inkitt has paid you your author royalty. I was actually invited so I tried it. They promised to payout every 3 months and that is supposed to be March 31. I was just wondering if you also experienced the same.

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