Too obsessed with reality?

How is it going? It’s the last day of May? OMG! Time flies so fast!

May is my favorite month because this is the month I get to be with my Mom. Yesterday she had to fly back to Madrid. We really had fun together during her vacation. I’m gonna miss her so much.

Anyway, recently a book curator bought few copies of my novel Moments of Joy. Yay!  She asked me to include an author’s note. The note could be about how I wrote the book or my fave parts. Basically an intro to it before the reader reads it.

This had me thinking…

When I was just starting, I want to write something diverse, but I don’t think I could ever do it justice.I don’t think I have any business writing a protagonist with disability especially in a narrative centering around her struggles.

But then I thought, sometimes contemporary fiction is too obsessed with reality. I want books that will take me to places I haven’t been, with people leading lives I will never live and having experiences I may never have. To ‘write what you want’ is the idea when I wrote Moments of Joy. We are imaginative, we have the capacity to create situations we can imagine even if we haven’t lived them. So I did my research and wrote whatever inspires me and let the story and characters be and grow as they see fit.

Writing an Alzheimer’s novel is not without its ethical and artistic risks. But I think as long as we are empathetic to people and situations that we may not have experienced, we can write about them with clarity, sensitivity, and respect.

Do you read to escape? Or are you one of those people that are too obsessed with reality?


All My Best,
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