Love at First Kiss is coming!


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Love at First Kiss will be here in less than a month! It’s the second book of my Single Moms Tribe Collection.

💋Filipino characters
💋Auto-mechanic MC and a single mom
💋Mr. Firefighter World titleholder LI
💋Friends to Lovers
💋One-night Stand


About Love at First Kiss 💋💋💋

A hot mess with a heart…

Stanley Buenaobra, Station Commander of the San Isidro Fire Station has shed his  dorky, pimply, schoolboy self  and became the town’s modern day superhero. He not only runs into burning buildings for a living, he looks damn good doing it, too!

As the poster-boy of his local fire department, Stan joins the Mr. Firefighter World competition, and slays. But the competition is a cakewalk compared to what happens at the after-party.

Burnt and burnt bad…

Life goes on for the ultra-competitive Mediatrix Moreno, fresh from a break-up with her long-term partner. Trix is ready to let her hair down and blow off some steam at the local pub, where she comes face-to-face with Mr. Firefighter World himself.  Little does she know that the night would change her life forever.

Fate has a twisted sense of humor…

Ridiculed for his looks. Bullied by the cool guys. Ignored by all the pretty girls. Especially her. Trix – stunning, sexy and smart. Stan loved her in high school, but she was the one who got away.

Stan is determined to make her want him this time.  Will meeting once again spark a second chance at love, or will it go down in flames?



Here’s an excerpt 💋💋💋
There was a lot of booths set up all over the school grounds. Besides the kissing booth, there was a marriage booth, and even a jail booth.

You can do it! Carlito, his best friend, encouraged him. Stan had dreamed about kissing Trix a thousand times. He imagined kissing her under the stars after a romantic evening together. He imagined kissing her passionately while lying in the field as they rolled around the grass.

Stan came up to her booth, presented his ticket and said, “I’m here for a kiss.” His cheeks became beet red as he said it. Here goes nothing, he thought.

“Oh, it’s you!” Olympia, Trix’s best friend, gave him a warm smile. “Pucker up, princess,” Olympia teased her friend. To Stan she warned, “No French kissing, okay?”

Stan nodded his head vigorously.

“Y-you’re here for a kiss?” Trix asked as he stood in front of her.

“Yeah,” Stan replied nervously. “For charity.”

“Of course.” Trix smiled. “I’m ready. Go ahead.”

He leaned in to kiss her on the cheek but Trix moved her head sideways and the kiss landed on her lips.

His eyes widened in shock when his lips met hers. His breathing began to quicken and he braced himself for a slap.

It didn’t come. No. She was kissing him back.

Stan’s whole body seemed to tingle with sweet sensation as their lips moved together in perfect rhythm. The kiss was gentle and sweet as he’d always imagined it would be. His right hand made its way up to her face and cupped her cheek.


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