My Father-in-Law is a Monster

I haven’t written a word since the year started. My mind were occupied with real world problems.

But the fear, the overwhelming paranoia and the ache in my gut led me to write again.

My husband told me he would create a video about what happened between us and his father. The many reasons why we did, what we did. It’s not to explain our side because we don’t give BS to people judging us why we did it when they are not in our shoes. It’s for our family’s protection.

I’m not a vlogger. I’m an author. So I’ll just do what I do best.

Two years ago my husband’s estranged father who abandoned them when they were young, returned when he was a teenager but kept denying that he was his son to people asking, suddenly showed up and encouraged us to invest on a business.

He said it was good business. He said his ‘connections’ is the only thing he could inherit from him. He said he would help him succeed, after all he was his father.


My husband was about to fly to NZ to become a beekeeper but his plans were thwarted. His father offered him to invest in a contracting business with the government. He made him acquired a license to conduct trainings, BIR, DTI and all those permits under my husband’s name.

He offered seminars of any sorts to Barangay officials and provided them SOPs just to close the deal.

We became the financier.

He would ask money for fuel, for food, for everything. He asked money because this Kapitan from this town needed help or else no deal. Auditor needed this money, accountant needed cash for this and so on. We provided every demands. After all, we are investing.

Once the deal is closed, he would turn all the responsibility over to us. All the stressfullness of looking for guest speakers, arranging hotel accommodation wherever they want to hold the seminar, whether Palawan or as far as Laoag. Handling hundreds of people will be endured by me and my husband for 3-4 days. He was nowhere to be found.

To each and every successful seminar facilitated, he would get his share first. We never had the chance to recoup the expenses. Deal after deal.

My husband is good with people. He’s a smooth talker. He could persuade and turn the most stuck up person to a meek one.

Then, there’s the chance encounter with the barangay officals, the Kapitan from this town, the contact person of Mayor XXX. They told my husband they never ask for money. They revealed his father would bribe them to do his bidding and give them a portion of it.

He was such a swindler.

Another seminar was still under negotiation. He asked money because the President of the league of barangay officals wanted to loan this certain huge chunk of money or else there will be no deal. When we couldn’t cope to his demands, he invited his cousin to invest but he hid it from us.

Eventually, he confessed because they couldn’t run the seminar without us.

Towards the middle of the year, seminars were put on hold due to election. The swindler convinced us to switch from seminar to enterprises. He offered another deal to barangay officials. Now, its sound system for public relations.

Again, he asked money for everything. He even asked 10,000 just for the printing of his official receipts. How much a dozen of receipts would cost?

Times got difficult. My children got sick and we had loans and bills to pay. We couldn’t afford to sustain his demands.

He invited another player to the group. His brother got attracted to the promised profit. He also invested.

Little did we know the deal was a bogus. Barangays have no budget for the sound system.

Our hard earned money just went to his pocket.

How hard it is to borrow if you need something? (with the intention of you returning, I hope) Where are you taking the money? Do you have a fourth family?

We found out directly from his brother that if ever the deal with the enterprises pushed through, say 10 barangays availed, he will only declare 3 to us. We were told the same. We were being fooled around.

It turned out, there was no deal. He was a goddamn liar.

His bother detested him. He was the brother who gave up one of his kidney for him to continue to live. His life was extended for more than 20 years now and living with his third family to date.

We waited for him to apologize. We are willing to start over and wait for another real transaction this February to recuperate. Ms. League of Barangay President who owes my husband huge amount of money committed us a deal.

My husband pacified his brother’s anger. Again, he was given a chance to change.

But did he ever apologize? No. He disappeared from the face of the earth.

Then Ms. League of Barangay President texted my husband borrowing another 6 figure money. She even dared to tell my husband to let her know right away because his father a.k.a Mr. Swindler went to her house and offered to lend her cash with the help of Ms. London Bridge is Falling Down. The gist was, Mr. Swindler cut us loose and partnered with someone with more money he can suck.

What a traitor.

Apparently, Ms. London Bridge-is-Falling-Down is no other than my husband’s rich Aunt. The Aunt who belittled her mother, took away properties and oppressed her sister.

Who’s father in the right mind will partner up with the person who make life miserable for your children?

We were fed up with this con man.

My husband trusted him with all his heart because he was his father. The one who should protect him and love him more than anything else. But no, all these years he was begging for that love.

We were there for him when he was hospitalized. We were his go to when he needed money to buy maintenance drugs for his transplanted kidney.

But he was a fraud.

Ultimately, he was a murderer.

His brother admitted that Mr. Swindler killed someone years ago in the name of business contract and had to hide for quite some time.

He used it against him. His brother unearthed the sleeping warrant of arrest.

We could no longer pacify him. The unreturned money he got from him ruined his life.

The feeling sucks. We never imagined it would come to this point.

But like what they say, you can’t show mercy to someone not sorry for all the wrong things they’ve done.

He is now behind bars serving life imprisonment without bail.

He wasn’t sorry though. Instead, he threatened us to live our lives now. We were blamed of connivance.

Behind him was a Big Fish. The mastermind who will definitely protect his reputation if ever he spill the beans.

It’s scary what money can do to people. No family. No son.

They say blood is thicker than water. That’s a lie. Million is thicker than blood.

To people judging us and saying we should forgiven him, to hell with you all! It’s easy for you to say.  You were not lied to, fooled, betrayed, scammed and treated like an atm over and over by your own flesh and blood.

I confided to a colleague because I will go crazy keeping this to myself. I’m growing paranoid each day. She thought this happen only to films. I wish all of this was just an alternate reality and tomorrow I won’t feel being followed and watched again.

I’m scared for my children. What hurts the most is the person threatening us is their grandfather.

If you’re reading this and we are still alive, please pray for the safety of my children. Spare them, dear God.

I realized he wasn’t just a murderer. My father-in-law is a monster.